Tavern Zoodohos Pigi GRAPHICS, VIDEO

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Tavern Zoodohos Pigi


YEAR 2016


Zoodohos Pigi is a famous tavern in Piraeus with a long history, as it exists since 1944. We were asked to redesign their corporate identity and their website and to create an advertising short film to present a more current image of the historic tavern.

The concept behind the brand refresh was to achieve a balance between the nostalgic, traditional atmosphere of the location and the present. We tried to give emphasis on the tavern’s history. We created a modern logo respecting the existing aesthetics. We designed a website in warm colors and blended modern graphic elements and easy-to-navigate.

Our basic idea concerning the script of the promo video was to highlight the tavern’s history throughout the years. The video shows the children as they grow up and reach up to the point where they have taken over the restaurant, with their grandfather’s memory guiding them thus respecting the tradition.

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