Zoodohos Pigi Oinomagereion Logo-Website & Spot

Zoodohos Pigi


YEAR 2016


Zoodohos Pigi is one of the best traditional wine taverns of Piraeus and has been operating since 1944. We were asked to redesign their corporate identity and their website and create an advertising spot for the restaurant.Our thought was to focus on the warmth and traditional atmosphere of the area . We tried to emphasize the history of the tavern. We created a modern logo respecting the existing aesthetics. We designed a website in warm colors and blended modern graphic elements, making it easy to navigate.Our thought for the script of the spot was based on to highlight the restaurant’s progress through the years. The video shows the children as they grow up and reaches up to the point where they have taken over the restaurant, with their grandfather’s memory guiding them, thus keeping the tradition.