KREMLINO music stage Website-Logo Design & Graphics



YEAR 2016


Kremlino is the most famous music stage of Piraeus. At the same time functions as a theater and a culture hall.We were asked to design the corporate identity, all the posters and banners of the events and its new website. Our collaboration began with the opening of the stage in 2016 and continues until today.The idea was to use in a “provocative” way the aesthetics of the Soviet posters. We started from the logo where the association is obvious. Using the Kremlin’s star and the lines from which it has been created, we have given style and character to the corporate identity and to all subsequent uses. For poster design, the difficulty and challenge for us is to try to integrate the artist himself every time in the Kremlin’s style, without forgetting the particular elements of his character and art, by using vintage elements and modern lines.